doc. PhDr. Lubomír Cingl, Ph.D.

InSIS: doc. PhDr. Lubomír Cingl, Ph.D.

Office: NB 362

Phone: +420 224 095 377


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Professional profile

I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics of the Prague University of Economics and Business, and a CERGE-EI Foundation Teaching Fellow. I received Ph.D. from Charles University in Prague in 2016 under the supervision of Dr. Michal Bauer. My research areas include mainly behavioral and experimental economics and social psychology. I am generally interested in studying human decision using experimental methods. My current projects examine topics such as the effects of time pressure and stress on human behavior, theories of secularization and religious beliefs; dishonesty, antisocial & delinquent behavior; ambiguity and risk-preferences; and individual willingness to compete.

Courses taught at UoE

  • 5IE375 Drugs in Economics
  • 5EN754, 5EN254 Introduction to Game Theory
  • 5IE362 Economics and Psychology
  • 5EN457 Applied Quantitative Methods II
  • 5IE460 Economics of Religion

Selected publications

  • Cahlíková, J., Cingl, L. and Levely, I. (2019). “How Stress Affects Performance and Competitiveness across Gender” Management Science (link)
  • Willard, A. K., Cingl, L., & Norenzayan, A. (2019). Cognitive Biases and Religious Belief: A path model replication in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a focus on anthropomorphism. Social Psychological and Personality Science (Linklink to preprint)
  • Cingl, L. (2018) “Social Learning under Acute Stress” PLoS ONE 13(8), e0202335 (link)
  • l’Haridon, O., Vieider, F., Aycinena, D., Bandur, A., Belianin, A., Cingl, L., Kothial, A., and P. Martinsson (2018).” Off the Charts: Massive Unexplained Heterogeneity in a Global Study of Ambiguity Attitudes.” Review of Economics and Statistics 100(4), 664-677 (link link to WP)
  • Willard A., Cingl L. (2017) „Testing Theories of Secularization and Religious Belief in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.“ Evolution & Human Behavior 38(5), p.604-615 (link)
  • Cahlíková,J. & Cingl, L. (2017) „Risk Preferences under Acute Stress,“ Experimental Economics 20(1), p. 209-239 (link, link to WP)