The Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics is one of the strongest Czech economic departments in research as well as in teaching, with over 30 employees and affiliated faculty members.

Our research is mainly aimed at labor market economics, institutional economics, health economics, behavioral economics and experimental economic research. Our members regularly publish in prestigious international academic journals. The department is involved in running the Laboratory of Experimental Economics and has a tradition of organizing the Research Seminar Series.

Selected publications:

  • Berggren, N. and Bjørnskov, C. (2020). “Corruption, Judicial Accountability and Inequality: Unfair Procedures May Benefit the Worst-Off”. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 170(February): 341-354. Link.
  • Cahlíková, J., Cingl, L. and Levely, I. (2019). “How Stress Affects Performance and Competitiveness across Gender” Management Science, forthcoming  Link
  • Bičáková, A., & Kalíšková, K. 2019. “(Un)intended Effects of Parental Leave Policies: Evidence from the Czech Republic.” Labour Economics, 61(December): 1–15
  • Bertoli, P., & Grembi, V. (2019). Malpractice Risk and Medical Treatment Selection. Journal of Public Economics 174, 22-35 Link
  • Čadil, J., Mirošník, K., Petkovová, L., Mirvald, M. (2018) Public Support of Private R&D – Effects on Economic Sustainability. Sustainability 10(12). 4612 Link
  • l’Haridon, O., Vieider, F., Aycinena, D., Bandur, A., Belianin, A., Cingl, L., Kothial, A., and P. Martinsson (2018). “Off the Charts: Massive Unexplained Heterogeneity in a Global Study of Ambiguity Attitudes.” Review of Economics and Statistics 100(4), 664-677  Link

We also provide excellent teaching. The department is dedicated to a provision of education that meets the current world standards in all phases of study. The study programs with a large proportion of subjects in English prepare students for their future career full of demanding and responsible tasks in business, science, politics, and public administration. Several members are CERGE-EI Teaching Fellows which further supports their teaching excellence. The department provides the following specializations:

Major specializations :

  • Economics (Bachelor level)
  • Economics (Master level)
  • Economic Theories (PhD level)

Minor specializations:

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