5EP Law and Economics


Supervisor: Doc. Mgr. Libor Dušek, Ph.D.

The minor specialization “Law and Economics” is aimed primarily at students studying at the University of Economics and the Faculty of Law, as well as at economics students interested in law and public policy. It seeks to bridge two often unnecessarily separate worlds of education: the world of models and numbers in economics, finance or management, on the one hand, and the world of a predominantly doctrinal, formalistic approach to law on the other. Law and economics are intertwined, and understanding the links between them is useful to practitioners, public policy makers and academics from the legal and economic world.

How do people and businesses respond to the impulses that give them the right? Does the new Civil Code make economic sense? How does the nature of the market affect contracts? When will the parties to the lawsuit agree and when not? What is the economic significance and consequences of anti-cartel law? What are the economic motivations of the participants in corporate bankruptcy? Is it worth punishing a fine or imprisonment? How to assess the impact of legal regulations on the economy? This type of question is asked by subjects taught within the specialization. They show how the basic concepts of microeconomics can serve as a guide for litigation, interpretation of law or lawmaking.

Requirements for completion: The student must obtain a total of 30 ECTS in the specified structure. The final state examination is an oral examination verifying the key knowledge of the compulsory subjects of specialization. Some subjects of the “Economics and Law” specialization are taught in English and some in Czech.

Entry requirements: None.

Capacity per semester: None.

Compulsory courses:

  • 5IE402: Ekonomie a právo (vyučující: Libor Dušek, 6 kreditů)
  • 5IE421: Úvod do ekonomické analýzy regulace smluv a korporací (vyučující: Tomáš Richter, 3 kredity)
  • 5IE451: Competition Policy and Regulation (vyučující: Paola Bertoli, 6 kreditů)
  • 5IE456: Economics of Crime (vyučující: Libor Dušek, 4 kredity)

Elective courses:

  • 5IE475: Policy Evaluation and Cost-Benefit Analysis (vyučující: Klára Kalíšková)
  • 5EN451: Microeconomics II (vyučující: Silvester van Koten)
  • 5IE362: Economics and Psychology (vyučující: Lubomír Cingl)
  • 5IE375: Drugs and Economics (vyučující: Lubomír Cingl)
  • 5IE430: Ekonomické učení F. A. von Hayeka (vyučující: Jan Šmíd)
  • 5IE571: Health Economics (vyučující: Paola Bertoli)
  • 5IE460: Economics of Religion (vyučující: Lubomír Cingl)
  • 5IE454: Environmental and Energy Economics (vyučující: Silvester van Koten)
  • 5EN457: Applied Quantitative Methods II (vyučující: Lubomír Cingl, Klára Kalíšková)
  • 5PR425: e-Government (vyučující: Tomáš Lechner)
  • 5PR422: Internetové a komunikační právo (vyučující: Radek Jurčík)
  • 5PR421: Veřejnoprávní úprava podnikání (vyučující: Radek Jurčík)
  • 5PR402: Správní právo a správní řízení (vyučující: Tomáš Louda)

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