doc. Ing. Helena Chytilová, Ph.D., M.A.

InSIS: doc. Ing. Helena Chytilová, Ph.D., M.A.

Office: NB 309

Phone: +420 224 095 572


Field of professional activity

Helena Chytilová gained her Ph.D. in Economics at the Prague University of Economics and Business in 2013. In present, she is an assistant professor at the University of Economics Prague. She also holds master degree in International Trade and European Integration acquired in degree programme at Staffordshire University (UK) and Universiteit Antwerpen (Belgium) in 2006.
She has been a visiting scholar at the University of Houston, Texas (2010) and visiting researcher at Vienna Center for Experimental Economics, University of Vienna (2013) and University of Chicago, Becker Friedman Institute (2014). Her scientific interests include experimental economics, methodology of experimental economics, economics of education and behavioral economics.

Taught courses

  • 5EN253 Macroeconomics I. (in English)
  • 5EN753 Macroeconomics I. (in English)
  • IP_416 Intermediate Macroeconomics (in English)
  • IP_415 Intermediate Microeconomics (in English)
  • 5EN203 Macroeconomics I. (in Czech)
  • 5EN205 Macroeconomics I. (in Czech)
  • 5EN411 Economics II. (in Czech)

Scientific publications

Chytilova, H.: Economic Literacy and Money Illusion: an Experimental Perspective. Routledge, Taylor Francis, ISBN: 9781138235571, July 2017.

Chytilova, H., Chytil, Z., Experimental Macroeconomics Evaluation of Coordination Favorableness at Aggregate Level. Ekonomický časopis, 2014. sv. 62, č. 8, ISSN 0013-3035.

Experimental Investigation of Coordination at Aggregate versus Individual Level. European Scientific Journal. 2015. August (Special Edit, s. 176–189. ISSN 1857-7881. URL:

Chytilova, H. The Causal Impact of Economic Education on Achievement of Optimum Outcomes. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2013, sv. 106, s. 2628–2635. ISSN 1877-0428.

Chytilova, H. 2015, Methodological Note on Experiments in Economic Education, Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, ISSN 2146-7242.