doc. Niclas Berggren, Ph.D.

InSIS: doc. Niclas Berggren, Ph.D.Office: NB 315

Phone: +420 224 095 505


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Taught courses

  • 5IE251 Institutional Economics
    5IE751 Institutional Economics

Selected scientific publications

  • Berggren, Niclas, Ljunge, Martin and Nilsson, Therese (2019). “Roots of Tolerance Among Second-Generation Immigrants”. Journal of Institutional Economics, forthcoming.
  • Berggren, Niclas and Bjørnskov, Christian (2019). “Do Voters Dislike Liberalizing Reforms? New Evidence Using Data on Satisfaction with Democracy”. Journal of Institutional Economics, forthcoming. Link.
  • Berggren, Niclas and Bjørnskov, Christian (2019). “Regulation and Government Debt”. Public Choice, 178(1-2): 153-178. Link.
  • Berggren, Niclas, Jordahl, Henrik and Poutvaara, Panu (2017). ”The Right Look: Conservative Politicians Look Better and Voters Reward It”. Journal of Public Economics, 146(February): 79-86.
  • Berggren, Niclas and Bjørnskov, Christian (2017). ”The Market-Promoting and Market-Preserving Role of Social Trust in Reforms of Policies and Institutions”. Southern Economic Journal 84(1): 3-25
  • Berggren, Niclas, Sven-Olov Daunfeldt and Jörgen Hellström (2016). „Does Social Trust Speed Up Reforms? The Case of Central-Bank Independence”. Journal of Institutional Economics, 12(2): 395-415.