Research assistant for Dr. Bertoli needed

A research assistant, ideally a Master student, with some empirical experience is needed to work on a project related to the location decisions of medical professionals for Dr. Paola Bertoli. The candidate is expected to contribute in many ways to the research project, the main responsibilities include: (i) to collect information through Czech institutional websites, (ii) to collect, entry, and clean raw data, (iii) to perform some preliminary data checks and analysis.

The ideal candidate should be familiar with the statistical package STATA and be fluent in English and Czech (written and spoken). The selected student is expected to work overall 200 hours for 100 CZK per hour that will be paid as a special scholarship. The student will have to agree on a weekly workload with the supervisor before taking the position. We can accommodate your schedule with consideration of academic breaks and exam schedules, with notice.

Candidates should send their CV and contact no later than May 17, 2019 to