PhDr. Ing. Martin Janíčko, Ph.D.

InSIS: PhDr. Ing. Martin Janíčko, Ph.D.

Office: NB 307

Phone: +420 224 095 542


Personal page

Professional activity

My professional interests include Post-Keynesian economic theory and the theory of endogenous money, real estate market and financial stability, economic interdependence and business cycle, and industrial organisation and imperfect market structures. I earned my “small” doctorate from the Charles University in Prague in the field of international relations, while I received my PhD in economics from the Faculty of Economics of the Prague University of Economics and Business. I have been working at the Department of Economics since 2007. I also visited or studied at a number of European universities, including Lyon, Copenhagen, and Vilnius.

In the past I was employed at ExxonMobil, Moody’s Analytics, while currently working as a Risk Manager at MND a.s. in Prague.

Taught courses

  • 5EN303 Industrial Organization
  • 5EN703 Industrial Organization
  • 5EN551 Industrial Organization II.
  • 5EN253 Macroeconomics I.
  • 5EN306 Applied Quantitative Methods

Selected scientific publications

Do institutions still matter for investors? Impact of institutional determinants on investment inflows into European economies. (Acta Oeconomica Hungary, 2018, vol. 68, issue 2, co-author).

Operacionalismus versus instrumentalismus aneb hledání metodologického paradigmatu na poli ekonomie. (Scientia et Societas, 2017, vol. 2017, issue 2, co-author).

Organizace trhů a odvětví – sbírka příkladů. (Praha, Oeconomica 2016, spoluautor).

Mainstream Versus Heterodox View on Financial Innovation (International Journal of Economic Sciences, International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences, vol. 4(1) (2015)).

K udržitelnosti průběžného důchodového systému v kontextu stárnutí populace v České republice. (Politická ekonomie, vol. 2013, issue 3, co-author).

Informační asymetrie a systém dvojího standardu ve vztahu zdravotník-pacient. (Politická ekonomie, 2012, issue 3, co-author).

La crise de l’intégration européenne au prisme du néo-fonctionnalisme. (Nouvelle Europe, 2012).

The Binding Credit Constraints and the Welfare Effects of Housing Price Appreciation. (Prague Economic Papers, 2010, vol. 2010, issue 4, co-author).