prof. Ing. Pavel Pelikán, CSc.

InSIS: prof. Ing. Pavel Pelikán, CSc.Office: NB 315

Phone: +420 224 095 505


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Taught courses

  • 5IE251 Institutional Economics

Scientific publications

Pelikán, P. (2015) ‘Economics for a creative world: some agreements and some criticism’, Journal of Institutional Economics, 11(1), pp. 47–53. doi: 10.1017/S1744137414000411.Pelikan,

Pelikán, P. (2003) Bringing institutions into evolutionary economics: another view with links to changes in physical and social technologies. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 13(3) 237-258Pelikan,

Pelikán, P. (1969) Language as a limiting factor for centralization. The American Economic Review, 59(4) 625-631