5EN773 Basic macroeconomics

Schedule of lectures

The maximum amount of points is 100, composed of (maximum) 20 from exercise sessions, (maximum) 30 from midterm exam and (maximum) 50 from final exam.

To successfully conclude the course the student is required to satisfy  following condition:

To obtain minimum of 60 points overall (in case when student achieves 50-59 points  and satisfies abovementioned condition, he is allowed to retake the final exam)

The points from exercise session are awarded for active participation of students and for weekly quizzes. The final result will be published in InSIS no later than last week of the term, but students can inform about their results on regular basis.

The midterm exam will have written form. Students will take it in lecture during the 7th week of term. Students will be required to sign up for published date through the ISIS application. They will be informed in advance by the lectures about upcoming dates.  Midterm exam will take approximately 30 minutes.

Final exam will take place during the main exam period (after 13th week of term). Students are required to sign up for the exam through the InSIS application. The dates will be published beginning of 10th week of the term. Exam will take approximately 60 minutes and will include the material for whole term.

The course culminates in a final written exam.

Students, who obtained grade 4+ after the first attempt on final exam are allowed to retake the exam in the end of the exam period. The retake exam will be analogical to regular final exam; no other requirements can be substituted.

The overall result can be registered in student’s index only by the lecture(s) during the dates set forth by them. They will be also published in InSIS.

Excuses from the subject

Student can be excused form the subject only in case of serious health complications. She/he has to support his claim by presenting the form of incapacity for work or form substituting it. Such form can be found on webpages of the faculty and is to be confirmed by personal doctor. Other documents are not accepted.

If student wishes to be excused from the subject due to result of valid reasons, it can be arranged only with the lecturer and only until the end of 13th week of semester, i.e. May 11, 2018. After this deadline, student will be evaluated according to his achieved score. Lecturer can excuse student from the subject only in case of health-related absences on lectures, on midterm exam or during the final exam period, which inhibit student from meeting his exam-related duties.


Mandatory content of the course

Mankiw, G.N.: Principles of economics, 6e (Chapters1-2, 23, 24, 26, 28-30, 33-36)

Content of Lectures