About the Department

The Department of Economics has a well established reputation for teaching and research in the Czech Republic and in Central Europe. Its history starts with the history of the Faculty in the early 1950´s. An important event was a change in economic discourse after the Velvet revolution in 1989: attention of research and teaching shifted from economic central planning to modern analysis of market economy. A second important event was fusion of the Department of Macroeconomics with the Department of Economic Theories into one department under the current name. This meant not only a change in formal status, but also started several reforms: transformation of the curriculum to the ECTS system, creation of several new majors with structure corresponding to modern economics programs of anglo-american style (and with modern world-known textbooks) and a growing cooperation with foreign and domestic universities.

There are approximately 30 teachers and researchers participating in our activities, most of them full time. We provide both major and minor programs in economics at undergraduate and graduate level and offer courses in economics at three faculties of the University of Economics, Prague.

Our majors are:

  • Economics (undergraduate)
  • Economic Analysis (graduate)
  • Economic Theory (doctoral)

Our minor is:

  • Economic Theory and Analysis  (graduate level)

Since 2004 we have transformed all our courses to international standards of ECTS. In order to use modern economic textbooks, work with top international journal papers and to attract international exchange students, we teach several courses in English, with new ones being added every year.

Our members have participated and participate in a great number of research projects. To name but a few from recent history:
Czech Science Foundation:
Transformation of the Czech Economy
Opportunities of Reform of the Health and Social Insurance Systems Using Personal Accounts“
Czech National Bank: 
Structure of Financing of Czech Enterprises
Czech Ministry of Trade:
Analysis of Investment Incentives in the Czech Republic
Regulation of Czech Industry – the Theory of Regulation and the Problem of Deregulation

Many members of the department have received public recognition for their work. Several hold high economic policy positions in government institutions and the central bank. Our members also serve as editors of major academic publications and consultants to business, governments, and international organizations. Specifically, for example two members of our department are members of the Czech National Bank’s Board of Governors (prof. Robert Holman and Dr. Miroslav Singer). Our department is also proud to have the unique opportunity to offer a course taught by the past Czech president, Mr. Vaclav Klausprofessor in economics.